Manufacturing Pasts in Singapore

Somewhat out of the blue, I was invited to present a workshop on creating learning materials for mobile devices, at the MobiLearnAsia Conference in Singapore, 24-26 October 2012. I had never been in that part of the world before, and the energy and creativity of Singapore were impressive, as was the openness to learning innovations. I learnt it is not unusual for high-school-age students to use mobile phones for learning activities in class; this is an interesting comparison to the fact that most UK schools ban mobile phones in class.

My presentation, How to make appropriate learning materials for various m-devices, is available for viewing and download on Slideshare.

Singapore Conference presentation: How to make appropriate learning materials for various m-devices — featuring Manufacturing Pasts


When I thought about putting together a session on creating mobile-ready learning materials, my first thought was Manufacturing Pasts. All of our materials can be downloaded from the internet and brought nicely onto a variety of mobile devices. All of the written material is made available in nicely-designed pdf and ebook formats, such as this essay about the West End of Leicester. All interviews are professionally finished and shared out as .mp3 files. All videos are made available on YouTube or on Vimeo, and for direct download as .mp4 files. Our interactive Powerpoint presentations are available both as Powerpoint and as pdf files which retain the interactivity, such as this Corah of Leicester app.

Perhaps the most exciting development is that we are putting together our Manufacturing Pasts material into a new iTunes U Course, which will be launched at the same time as our University of Leicester iTunes U channel — which we are working hard to make happen before Christmas.

If you would like some helpsheets on creating mobile-ready learning materials, check out this blog post where I have begun to share these.

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow, University of Leicester




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