Meetings and communications

We had a successful 3rd Steering Group meeting last week.  As Terese was out presenting on our project at the ALT-C conference in Manchester I had the pleasure of demonstrating some of our newer digitised materials and learning resources:

Explore Historic and Industrial Leicester (Prezi presentation)

Walking Tour of the West End – Will Lenton (audio)

Liberty Building Photos by Skinner – mp4

We also discussed the next phase of the project – evaluation – in terms of what we had done so far (some preliminary focus groups) and what our future plans were, such as embedding them in teaching for students of varying levels both here and externally (more on this soon!).  Of key interest to us was what type of questions the steering group thought we should be asking, not only ‘have these materials aided your learning?’, but also ‘in what way?’, ‘are they engaging?’, ‘do they fit with your personal study skills?’

We also promoted our recent publicity release detailing our progress to date, where to find both our digitised materials and learning resources, our website evaluation form and our project flyer.


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