Project Group Meeting

The Manufacturing Pasts project officially kicked off with a Project Group meeting on 4th November, where we outlined the plans, expectations and desired outcome for the next 14th months.

I’ll let the team introduce themselves in due course, as Project Manager I thought I had better start off.  My name is Tania Rowlett, and I usually work in the David Wilson Library as the University’s Copyright and Course Packs Administrator, so my skills should come in handy in this project!

I recently attended JISCs Digitisation Programme Meeting in Oxford, which was a great opportunity to meet people from all the other projects JISC have kindly funded as part of the JISC content programme 2011-2013.  After an evening get together on the 14th the following day was jam packed with useful information and presentations from Alistair Dunning and Paola Marchionni, JISC’s Programme Managers.

I found it incredibly helpful to hear from Alistair about the lessons learnt from previous projects and programmes, as although I have now been part of three Open Educational Resource (OER) projects here at the University (OTTER, OSTRICH and TIGER), it was great to get some pointers of what we should be doing (good planning), and what to try and avoid (leaving usability testing until near the end of the project).

Of particular interest was Naomi Korn’s session on Copyright and Licensing.  I have heard Naomi speak a number of times as we share the same fields, but it was so useful to hear from her again, especially when she introduced us to some resources I wasn’t aware of, such as the Orphan Works and Risk Management learning object, which will come in rather handy I suspect.

Alistair’s session on Learning to Love Risk, and guidance in calculating risk, also struck a chord, as I must confess I am naturally a risk adverse person.  Whilst this holds me in fairly good stead in my main job, I suspect we will be dealing with a lot of orphan works in this project, and usually there is no straightforward answer to whether items are ‘safe’ to use.  On this subject, I think one of my first jobs, when I start officially on the 4th December, will be draft a web disclaimer and takedown policy.  Although I shall try to avoid doing anything which might infringe the rights of others, it is better to safe than sorry!!

The project team welcome your interest in Manufacturing Pasts, so please feel free to comment on the blog or contact us for more information, otherwise keep checking back for update as to how we are progressing!

Links to some of the presentation slides are available below:

Lessons Learnt

Being a Good Data Provider

Learn to Love Risk – Risk Management

Great expectations

Slicing the evaluation cake


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